Individually we are one drop. Together we make an ocean.

When it comes to our commitment to community this says it all.

Vorgee recognises the importance of giving, which is why we are committed to supporting the swimming and wider communities. It is also our way of saying thank you.

Our involvement in the swimming community focuses on health and safety, swimming development, leisure and competition.

Since Vorgee was established we have maintained a strong connection to our community by:

• donating money, time and products.
• supporting swim clinics such as Australian Swim Camps.
• developing custom product ranges for worthy causes such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation with Hayley Lewis and Kids Alive with Laurie Lawrence.
• sponsoring, supplying and supporting swimming communities such as Masters Swimming and events like The Rottnest Channel Swim.

We also appreciate our partnerships with national and state swimming bodies, such as Swim Australia and Brisbane Swimming, as well as local swimming clubs, individual coaches and athletes.

Click on the logos below for more information on the organisations and events supported by and supporting Vorgee.