Clayton Fettell


Your earliest swimming memory is?
Dad turning my fan/light on at 5 every morning or sleeping in my costumes so I could sleep for
an extra 30 seconds

Favourite Aussie athlete?
Craig Walton

Favourite quote?
The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender

Do you have any pre race rituals or superstitions?
Playing with my goggles

If there was a movie made about your life who should play you?
Brad Pitt

If you were down to your last $20 what would you spend it on?

Clayton Fettell.

Clayton grew up in the small country town of Alstonville in New South Wales and continues to live there today. His younger years were spent in a pair of bathers, swimming up and down the black lines of the Alstonville Olympic Pool. After a successful junior athletic career, Clayton competed at a national level in Water Polo, Swimming, Surf Life Saving and Triathlons. Clayton's appreciation and passion for the sport of triathlon was what led him to shift his focus to this sport and pursue a career. Since making this move Clayton has experienced many successful moments at competitions around the globe.