Drew Box


Earliest swimming memory?
Being taught to swim, at a very young age, by my Mum in our backyard swimming pool.

If you made the final of Idol what song would you sing?
"Eye of the tiger" - Rocky Balboa theme

If you could have any three people over for dinner who would it be?
Ian Thorpe, Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler

Favourite sporting achievement/moment?
Winning the 2012 Australian Elite Sprint Triathlon Championships

A book has been written about your life, what is it called?
Drew’s World

If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Adam Sandler

Drew Box

In 2006 Drew was looking for a new sporting challenge when he was approached by triathlon coach Stephen Box. After only six months of trying his hand at triathlons, Drew was selected for the state team and was competing at a national level in the junior elite category. It was at that point in time that Drew decided triathlons were what he wanted to do. Since then, Drew has represented the Elite Australian Team for three consecutive years. In 2010 he placed 10th at the U23 Triathlon World Championships held in Budapest, Hungary. In 2011, he was crowned U23 Australian Triathlon Champion at the Mooloolaba World Cup and in 2012 was crowned Australian Elite and U23 Sprint Distance Champion at the Geelong Premium Oceania Cup. Drew has also raced various Australian Triathlon Championships, Continental Cups, World Cups and World Champions Series around the world.