Vorgee and Kids Alive Program Join Forces for a Safer Summer.

Vorgee has released a new swimming goggle for children as young as 18-months-old, along with valuable water safety messages in a bid to keep “Kids Alive” this summer.

The “Starfish” goggle has been manufactured and designed by Australian swim brand Vorgee, in conjunction with legendary national swimming icon Laurie Lawrence. It has been designed specifically for children learning to swim, aged between 18 months and 6-years-old, and will promote the “Kids Alive Do the Five” message.

Both Vorgee and Lawrence are passionate supporters of the message of water safety with statistics showing that on average each year in Australia, up to 35 children under the age of five drown - around half in backyard swimming pools[1].

“It is important for parents to do all that they can to reduce the anxiety that children, and parents, often experience during the learn to swim process,” says Lawrence, the former Olympic and world champion swim coach and Kids Alive creator.

“You want swimming and water exposure to be a happy and positive experience for all involved because learning to swim in Australia is absolutely vital.

“Vorgee’s Starfish goggles are the perfect aid for children under six years. They are specifically designed to make young children as comfortable as possible in and under the water.”

The beneficial features of Vorgee’s “Starfish” goggles include:
• Mask-like eye seals for a comfortable, watertight fit.
• Quick fit, dual band strap system for a quick fit with less hair tear and slipping.
• Flat lens and a super anti-fog coating to enhance visual clarity.
• Shatter resistant polycarbonate lens for eye safety.

Special packaging and a sticker enclosed include Lawrence’s national “Kids Alive Do the Five” theme, detailing lessons and tips that prioritise water safety.

Laurie has also released a new DVD aimed at promoting water safety for children under the age of five called “Living with Water”.

“We’ve lost 300 kids under five to drowning since 2000. My ultimate goal is to bring that number down to zero.” Lawrence says.

Laurie has teamed up with the Australian government to distribute a copy of his 80 minute DVD, to every parent of every newborn over a four-year period.

“Getting the water safety message to parents will make a huge difference,” he says. The DVD teaches parents and children alike about water safety around the home: the basics of CPR, the importance of pool fences, parental supervision and more.

“Living with Water” is being distributed to all new parents through the Bounty New Mothers Bag, from FOXTEL Kiosks around Australia, or can be downloaded free from

Also keep a look out for Laurie's summer safety tips on Channel Nine's TODAY show!!!