The story so far

Vorgee, an Australian owned and managed company, was established in 2005 to fill a gap in the aquatics market – the need for an all-encompassing aquatics company, one which offered products for those getting into a pool for the first time through to the competitive swimmer.

Made up of an experienced team, Vorgee set out to do just that – create a product for everyone, regardless of whether they purchase for style, performance or price.

The passion and desire of the Vorgee team to make high quality swimming products and swim gear accessible and easy to understand for all, has led to Vorgee becoming one of Australia’s leading and most preferred aquatic brands.

Vorgee is commited to producing quality, innovative and stylish products, and achieves this by -

Utilising only the highest quality materials

Sourcing only the best, most respected manufacturers

Researching the latest in product technologies and advancements

Applying and adhering to strict quality control measures to produce products which meet their expectations

Identifying consumer trends and preferences to guide product development

Injecting bright colours and latest fashion trends into their designs

Vorgee have a strong desire to give back to the community and thus are committed to supporting the swimming and wider community. Their community involvement focuses on health and safety, swimming development, leisure and competition.

The story began with a desire to bring that something special to the Australian swim market, and has evolved to Vorgee becoming a brand synonymous with swimming. Today, Vorgee are excited to share their products, passion, philosophy, culture and service with you.

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General enquiries: enquiries@vorgee.com