Venom Tinted Lens

  • Anti-fog CoatingAnti-fog Coating
  • Bio Seal Eco FriendlyBio Seal Eco Friendly
  • MONOsync TechnologyMONOsync Technology
  • Quick Fit Strap AdjustmentQuick Fit Strap Adjustment
  • Shatter ResistantShatter Resistant
  • Ultra Violet ProtectionUltra Violet Protection
  • Mid Fit

    Mid Fit

    These goggles are this fit!

    Ideal fit for fitness swimmers or those who like a firm, but comfortable fit. The cushioned gasket sits and fits securely inside the eye socket.

  • Snug Fit

    Snug Fit

    Ideal fit for competitive swimmers or those who like their goggles to have a low profile and snug fit. The gasket sits and fits firmly inside the eye socket.

  • Broad Fit

    Broad Fit

    Ideal for fitness swimmers who like a wider lens and broader fit. The cushioned, universally shaped, gasket sits and fits securely outside the eye socket.

  • Mask Fit

    Mask Fit

    Ideal for junior swimmers who like a mask like fit. The soft, silicone mask shaped gasket sits and sits securely on the brow line through to the tip of the cheek.

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  • Features
    • MonoSync technology fuses the goggles together as a single, streamlined frame and prevents water from entering
    • Bio Seal made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) – a recyclable, biodegradable and eco friendly material
    • Flat plane, tinted lens made from a high grade polycarbonate lens to ensure visual clarity
    • One piece goggle with a Quick Fit Strap Adjustment
    • Super Anti-fog coating
  • Description

    Sleek, light and supple. The Venom combines MonoSync technology and a Bio Seal to create a single, streamlined frame goggle, that is uber-comfortable and eco-friendly.